Indie Romance

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. Here’s a look at some indie romance films that fit every mood. Curl up with some chocolate and enjoy.

Take This Waltz

Sarah Polley’s 2011 film Talk this Waltz picks up 5 years into a marriage. Starring Michelle Williams as the raw and endearing Margot and Seth Rogen as her sweet but simple husband Lou. Take This Waltz gives an inside look into the beginning of the end for a marriage.

Margot and Lou seem like any ordinary couple who’ve settled into their lives together. Enter Daniel, play by the handsome and magnetic Luke Kirby as their new artistic neighbor.  The pair seem happy together, but Margot is not as happy as she seems, and meeting Daniel has only intensified her feelings of unhappiness.

Geraldine played by the amazing Sarah Silverman helps the viewer to understand their world. Through her we learn that life has gap years, moments where you aren’t the happiest you’ve been and in this time you’re unsure of things, but it doesn’t mean you try  to fill in the gap.

Talk This Waltz offers up an original and unique look at life, love and happiness that we all search for. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.


Written and directed by the always charming and enigmatic Jonathan Lisecki, Gayby tells the story of Jenn and Matt, two best friends who decide to have a baby.

Jenn prefers to have the baby the old fashion way, and here is where it gets tricky, Matt is Gay. Filled with moments of sincerity and hilarity Gayby offers up a fresh new take on romantic comedies, and shows us that we decide what kind of family and love we want.

Gayby was part of the Rooftop Films 2012 Summer Series. It is available on DVD, VOD, and Digital download, so basically there’s no excuse for not watching this film.

Breaking Upwards

After four years together, how can two people who are so dependent on each other find a way to break up? Zoe and Daryl love each other, so much that they plan and strategize how they are going to break up. When it starts it seems like a perfect plan, but as time goes on things begin to fall apart at the seams.

Written by the real life couple Zoe Lister- Jones and Daryl Wein (with Daryl directing, and Peter Duncan co-writing) Breaking Upwards reveals how far we are willing to go to not hurt the person we love.

Breaking Upwards is currently streaming on Netflix.

Heavy Girls

Heavy Girls has to be one of the most original love stories around. The story centers around Sven his mother Edeltraut who is suffering from dementia, and her caretaker Daniel.

In an interesting take on romance, we learn that Sven has a crush on Daniel and Daniel feels the same way, it would appear however that these two men are not sure how to act on their feelings.

The film itself play out like an adolescent’s love story. In the best way possible, with the leads constantly trying to figure out just what they want. It’s filled with laughter, pain, and the possibilities that love can bring.

Heavy Girls was also a part of the 2012 Summer Series.

Falling Overnight

“People talk about how you’re supposed to live as if you’re gonna die tomorrow and stuff like that, but when you think about, it’s a pretty stressful way to live.” – Elliott

Elliot (co-writer Parker Croft) is about to have life threatening surgery for a tumor.

On the day before his surgery he meets Chloe a young, talented, and beautiful artist. She invites him to her show, feeling alone and looking for a distraction Elliot decides to attend the art show and the night begins.

Chloe takes Elliot on an adventure and throughout the night they grow closer, and as she learns of his condition, they must decide what’s in store for their future. Falling Overnight is a film that shows you that love will find you when you least expect it.

Shown as part of Rooftop Films 2011 Summer Series, Falling Overnight directed by Conrad Jackson is currently streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

Other Films

Terrance Nance’s An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. Can men and women really just be platonic friends, or is one destined to fall for the other? Nance’s film documents the story of a relationship as he tries to figure out if they are friends or something more.

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty played with Rooftop this past summer, it opens in some US and Canadian theaters April 12th.

Broken English stars indie queen Parker Posey, as Nora a single, career woman who hasn’t had much luck when it comes to love. That is until she meets a mysterious Frenchman. For all those lonely hearts out there, this film gives us hope.

Broken English is written and directed by Zoe Cassavetes, it is currently streaming on Netflix.

And let’s not forget the indie darlings, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. If only all love stories could be like this.  Both of these films are available on DVD

Last, for those out there who aren’t in the mood for any romance, may I suggest, V/H/S, or Calvin Lee  Reeder’s latest The Oregonian.  V/H/S is currently streaming on Netflix and The Oregonian available on DVD.