NURTUREart’s Videorover: season 5 and what a pleasure it is.

(above: a still from Frank Zaldo’s This on This (Volcano 1) projected on canvas in the gallery)

Weather its on the big screen at our summer series or in sub-subterranean galleries, new video work is exciting and for the next few months excellent new work is front and back rear projected at NUTUREartRachel Steinberg curates the fifth semi-annual video series Videorover focusing, this year, on the video’s relationship with objects.  The work, displayed beautifully high above heads and in handcrafted boxes coming up out of the floor, shows off approaches to video as a sculptural medium; sculptures working with video and videographers playing in something more viscous than the uninterrupted flow of pixels.

(on view in the gallery: optional features shown by Zach Nader)