If we raise $18,000, we will add an extra show at Open Road ROoftop

Thank you to those who have pledged so far and helped us reach our goal ahead of the deadline this Thursday.

We raised more than $3,000 in the last day. If we raise an extra $3,000 in our final 24 hours, we will add an additional screening at our most spectacular venue—Open Road Rooftop in the Lower East Side.

That means one more film will make it into the Rooftop Films Summer Series, one more filmmaker will get to have their film screened in one of the most unforgettable screening venues in the world, one more band will get to play atop the graffiti covered roof, and more than 500 more people will get the chance to experience it all before the summer ends.

Since November, we’ve been raising funds on Kickstarter to keep our amazing venue Open Road Rooftop and enhance our shows in the summer. Running a non-profit takes a lot of work and we are a small, yet passionate team. Any extra support goes a long way. Our goal is more than just a number, our goal is creating memorable and unique experiences for you, our fans, friends, and members. It is our mission to keep these shows and these experiences accessible to all, and that is why we want to increase our goal and add this extra show.

Now let’s make it happen by contributing in these final hours and pledge now!