Gayby October 12… Do it!

You probably have a friend that may want a baby one day. You might respond, “hey, no problem.”

And thus spoke Gayby.

Jonathan Lisecki’s 2012 comedy about a filmmakers quest to have fun with a “re”coming of age story for adults and precocious youth alike. Lisecki succeeds by building a world that feels sensual throughout by focusing on bonds, specifically, examining how attraction often wanes or gains at the whim of desire and, occasionally, fickle fatuous intent. What is most remarkable, however, is the fact that I felt like I was a part of the Gayby family the entire way through. At some point during the experience I realized I was ill-prepared for Jenn Harris’ and Matthew Wilkas’ title performances in Lisecki’s first feature; complex, fully realized characters that resembled friends that everyone should have (lions, tigers, depth oh my!).  This rare film surprises in which familiar plot beats and troupes remain fully disguised by thorough craftsmanship by all involved. Do yourself a favor as we approach the Ides of October… go Gayby?!