Beccah’s favorite film from the 2012 Summer Series

Hi, my name is Beccah Pope and as a Rooftop Films Summer intern, here is my personal favorite out of the summer films screened at Rooftop.

Belly directed by Julia Pott was absolutely my favorite film from Rooftop’s 2012 Summer Series. This seven minute short is more than a simple cartoon. Pott introduces some creatures and characters that truly can only be found in the imagination of her mind. Immediately the viewer is immersed in a vast new world with new creatures they’ve never seen before. The flexibility and physicality to Pott’s characters may make you cringe as you see the main character, Oscar, sink into his horse-esque friend, or when you see limbs peeling off of things. But all of that is overlooked by its sweet yet sad coming of age story. Oscar has to face the hard truth of letting go of something but still feels the sting of regret. Julia Pott’s animated universe is the most fun to watch out of all the upcoming animated films. The audience can always expect to be reached visually on the surface as well as cerebrally, as the stories teach and re-tell messages we know and relate to.