Never Stop the Movement with Girl Walk // All Day

Remember that time you were stared down for innocently jamming to your headphones by yourself on the subway? Well, Jacob Krupnick’s Girl Walk // All Day tells you that it’s okay!

Krupnick’s film exposes a day in the life of a comically spirited girl who transforms a city into her own stage by dancing around the crowded buildings, subways, and streets of New York. Using popular mash-up DJ Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) as his sole source of sound, Krupnick tells a narrative of three dancers; “The Girl” (Anna Marsen) is a quirky and playful break-dancer who is pursued by “The Creep” (John Doyle) and eventually intersects with ”The Gentleman” (Daisuke Omiya), who plays the tap-dancing and charming romantic lead.

Girl Walk // All Day is a feature-length music video that can turn any movie theatre into a dance party. The film has a simple message – spread the joy by spreading the movement.

Watch the free screening with us on July 30th as we dare to resist dancing out of your seat.