In whatever field, we all have those days that get away, those weeks when we’re simply enduring, the moments when we step back and question, “Where did all the time go?” or “What am I doing?”. In this business of film, we can all admit succumbing to stress and losing sight of the reason we got involved in the first place. Then, there are films that rescue us, that carry us back to that first moment when we realized our love for this art form. Revitalizing our souls and stirring our minds, they change something within us. This is one of those films.

Its name is ‘Blue Ruin’ and its director, Jeremy Saulnier, has been a member of the Rooftop family since 2001. Describing it as “not your standard revenge film”, Saulnier walks us through his vision as he calls on Kickstarter to get it on its feet. In the clip, he claims he is trying to “please the audience”. We know Jeremy and we know this film will do much more than that. It will drown you, fill you up, and stick to you. Raw, subversive, visceral, thrilling, and beautiful. Like an electrical current, you will feel ‘Blue Ruin’ course chills through your body. On top of that, it will make you laugh.

He might not like it, but we’re going to share with you what Jeremy wrote to us:

“After much thought and several drafts of this email, I’ve decided to forgo any apologies, tip-toeing or half-stepping. I’ve got 100% confidence in BLUE RUIN, but only 40% of the funding. For the last six years I’ve taken the patient and humble ‘slow-burn’ approach to my film career. This marks a new, bolder approach: If you support my film, I will deliver one of the best independent films of 2013. Thanks again for your time!”

Jeremy, we could not agree more; our confidence is securely 100%, as is our respect for your work. So let’s all pledge our support now to Jeremy and his crew for the extraordinary ‘Blue Ruin’ so that we may bear witness to the power of truly good film.