If You Haven’t Yet Seen ‘The Imposter’…

…you really should.

Two weeks ago on Thursday July 5, we here at Rooftop screened a sneak preview of the mind bending documentary, The Imposter. The following Friday July 13, the film made its official premiere in theaters around the country. Now, we are happy to spread the word of its successful reviews and reactions across the board, from average Joes to indie buffs alike.

“an almost too-amazing-to-be-true story that creates a truth, establishes sympathies, and then razes everything we think we know” –indieWIRE

“It tells a true story that is so¬†oh wow! unbelievable, so deeply, compellingly stranger than fiction, that you don’t so much watch the film as get addicted to it.” –CNN Entertainment

“a gripping documentary filled with the kind of twists, turns and dramatic character revelations of a page-turner mystery” –ABC News Entertainment, Associated Press

Centered on the chilling true story of the disappearance of small town Texas boy, Nicholas Barclay, and the man who impersonated his return, The Imposter offers audiences first hand narratives and dramatic reenactments from the story that continues to shock thousands around the world.

We know it is all the buzz, but we want everyone else to know it too. Currently showing at Sunshine Cinema, The Imposter needs our support now more than ever. Like chips n’ dip, one taste of this film will have you hooked. So trust us…you’re not going to want to miss this one.