Conrad Jackson’s “Falling Overnight” Hits Theaters July 27th

On July 22 2011, the Rooftop audience experienced a special screening of “Falling Overnight,” written and directed by ¬†Rooftop Films Alum Conrad Jackson. Now, Jackson must prepare for a theatrical release of this award-winning movie.

Coming out on July 27th to a New York theater near you, “Falling Overnight” exposes the story of a 22-year-old boy Elliot Carson the night before his brain surgery. What could potentially be his last night, Elliot crosses paths with photographer Chloe Webb, who guides him on an intimate and life-changing adventure around the streets of Los Angeles. Once Chloe discovers Elliot’s condition, they both have to face the uncertainty of Elliot’s future and their budding romance.

The two lead actors Parker Croft and Emilia Zoryan are flawless in the execution of a bittersweet and intoxicating relationship and with such raw and believable dialogue, Jackson can almost convince the audience of a documentary.

The tale is one that anyone and everyone can relate to – the exhilaration of romance and the pain of love. “Falling Overnight” is a neither an ordinary love story nor an overly-dramatic tragedy. The film is the perfect combination of ¬†quirk, heartbreak, laughter, and hope.

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