“Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best” hits theaters this fall thanks to Rooftop Films, Northside Festival and Oscilloscope.

Rooftop Films prides itself in reaching out to the community through screening films, producing films, and providing music concerts. We’re not the only festival with these goals—Rooftop is honored to screen the feature length film Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best with our partners Northside Film Festival and Oscilloscope. With Northside claiming to be NYC’s largest and most accessible discovery festival, they’re excited to start their 8-day showcase from June 14th-June 21st. O-Scope is responsible for the distribution of Brooklyn Brothers and holds true to its three divisions of distributing films, making films, and making music. Director Ryan O’nan praises O-Scope in saying they’re responsible for “pouring creativity into everything that surrounds the marketing and product as well.” Come join us as we share this quirky road-trip narrative about two unlikely musicians trying to find their way in life. Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best screens Monday, June 18th at 7:00PM at Nitehawk Cinemas.