Documentary mavens Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, who brought us Jesus Camp and 12th and Delaware, have filmed a new documentary that hits close to home. This time Heidi’s hometown of Detroit enters under the microscopic lens in Detropia. Winner of the Documentary Editing Award at Sundance, this thought-provoking film doesn’t provide any easy solutions for a city that has not been easy on its residents. Once a beacon for the American Dream promising new jobs and new opportunities, Detroit has fallen into obscurity after the economic crisis of 2008. Detropia looks at the complex issues that Detroit is facing through the eyes of the people who love the city the most.

Heidi and Rachel seek to break the mold and get the film directly to the fans so they are going to self-distribute the film and they need your help. Your donation through Kickstarter will go directly to the theatrical release of the film to at least 25 American cities and ensure the story of Detroit gets to as many people as possible.

You can watch the film with Rooftop Films at the Old American Can Factory on August 11.