Help Build a New Home for the Aurora Picture Show

Our good friends, collaborators, and kindred spirits at the Aurora Picture Show are getting a permanent home in Houston. We’re jealous, but they need your help!

I remember first visiting the Aurora Picture Show years ago. It was late at night, and I was passing through town, driving from New Orleans to Austin. The old church was like a lighthouse, a point of reference on the media landscape that pointed us toward innovative and original work, and like a home, warmly welcoming hundreds of people into a haven for avant garde film. I’ve never been religious, but that place was a fitting church of cinema.

Rooftop Films has been a roving festival ourselves since 2004, and I know the pleasures and the struggles of such an endeavor. It would be an incredible blessing for us if we could continue to move from neighborhood to neighborhood, but also have one place that we could call home, week in and week out, year to year, with complete control and freedom. Many times, the lack of such a permanent home has almost sunk us. The Aurora Picture Show is a vital institution in the independent film world. Help them gain the home they need for long-term stability and more wonderful programming for years to come.