“Fake It So Real” on VOD & iTunes

Robert Greene is yapping away again. When will this guy shut up? Even if he is promoting Fake It So Real, a fantastic documentary about some really gutsy and interesting independent wrestling, does he need to embarrass himself like this? He’s wearing polka dot underwear for god sakes! (Oh wait, that wasn’t for this film. He just did that. Weird. Watch!)

But seriously, this amazing film is now available in your home, just like Wrestlemania. Get it on VOD and iTunes now!

And check out more of the amazing promos for this film. It’s a promotional project that has taken on a life of its own and been a lot of fun for me and many in the indie film community. Dig:

Rooftop Alum Dustin Guy Defa directs his girlfriend Keha McIlwaine:

Rooftop Alums Bill and Turner Ross go superfly in New Orleans:

Rooftop Alum Jarred Alterman gets freaky on the keys:

And I lay down a challenge to Robert before his theatrical:

Many, many more great videos here: