Kickstart AATSINKI: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys

Last year, Jessica Oreck contributed to the omnibus project (and Rooftop alum) Orbit(film) with her short work, “Venus”. Her next project brings our attention back down to earth, but continues exploring its outer fringes. AATSINKI: The Story of Arctic Cowboys is the modern equivalent of the classic American frontier story set against the extreme landscape of the Finnish Lapland, well above the Arctic Circle. After a year in the small town of Sala and six shoots, Jessica needs your help to put the film together, and bring it to the screen.

Jessica spent over a year in the northern reaches of Finland with the Aatsinki family. Her resulting film spans a year in the lives of brothers Aarne and Lasse Aatsinki, the “quintessential Arctic cowboys”. Together they lead the collective of traditional reindeer herders that manage the last wild herd in Finland.

A quick look at the film’s teaser trailer shows that Jessica has surely captured some stunning footage. Before she can bring the their story to life she needs to reach her Kickstarter goal of $38,000. ┬áThe funds will be alloted to finishing and promoting the film, as well as bringing the Aatsinki family to New York for the premiere. Her generous and unique thank you gifts show that this is truly a labor of love. With less than 20 days to go, the film is in real need of your support!

“With AATSINKI, I hope to make sub-zero weather, 24-hour nights, and an intense bond with nature feel real to someone who has always had a thermostat and known the glow of electricity.” – Jessica Oreck