Rooftop selection “Only the Young” needs your support

Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippit have pieced together a surprising documentary which somehow manages to feel unreal in its reality. An official selection for the Rooftop Films 2012 Summer SeriesOnly The Young is a look inside the friendship of two boys skateboarding their way through their youth until one of them inevitably finds himself in the midst of young love. While the film is a documentary, the aesthetic and sheer sincerity between the subjects makes you want to believe it’s a scripted narrative. Only The Young is already set up to have it’s international premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto this May and is screening here at Rooftop Films later in the summer, and while there is much excitement around the film, there are some key factors which need to be set in place before it’s screened.

Mims and Tippit have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the many professionals who believe in their film and have been working on deferred pay so the project can reach its full potential. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in post and you can help push this project into completion. They are offering their supporters at various pledge amounts plenty of great items as their way of saying thank you, including signed DVD’s and even a breakup cassette mixtape. I mean, let’s be real, teenage angst doesn’t get more real than that.

To get a taste of the project and an intense desire to give, check out their Kickstarter page: