The Dish & The Spoon at reRun

Get your tickets to The Dish and the Spoon, this week only at reRun Gastropub Theater!

Everyone has seen it. Wife has husband, husband cheats on wife, wife gets angry. The story has played out many a time, but somehow Alison Bagnall‘s beautifully understated film The Dish and the Spoon doesn’t just tell this story, it lets you live it. Greta Gerwig (Greenberg) stars as Rose, a woman who is emotionally wrecked after her husband has an affair. While wallowing in her sorrow she happens upon an English boy, wonderfully brought to life by Olly Alexander, who is stranded in a lighthouse. After some moments of hesitation, she takes him home, and though it initially appears as if Rose will take care of the boy, we quickly see the absurdity of this. Right now, she needs him more than he needs her.

The honesty of what grows between the two leads feels unreal; it seems impossible to have this sort of experience with someone else, but it’s an experience you want. Bagnall lets you watch a woman fall a part while desperately trying to hold herself together. The boy is her witness and helper as she stalks the streets shamelessly searching for the other woman. She yells and curses and cries and gets angry but you love her anyway because she’s doing exactly what you wish you could if you were in the same spot and had enough courage to say what you feel. More than this, though, is the love Alexander’s character begins to have for her. They live seamlessly, creating a world where they make sense together, and you want them together, but you know nothing in life is this perfect.

Poignant, beautiful, genuinely funny all at once and yet somehow simple, “The Dish and the Spoon” is what happens when actors unite with their characters and lay themselves bare. Gerwig and Alexander are phenomenal as a pair doing what they can to save each other the best way they know how. If you missed The Dish and the Spoon at Rooftop last summer, the film is making its New York theatrical debut at reRun Gastropub Theater this weekend. Screenings are at 7 p.m. nightly from this Friday until Thursday, February 16th. Bagnall and Gerwig will both be in attendance this Saturday, February 11th and tickets are only $7 dollars, so really, if you miss this, you’re just missing out.