Dance Like It’s 1984!

Enjoy a little midweek thrill[er] with a free screening of Taika Waititi’s latest film Boy, hosted by Brooklyn Vegan this Tuesday February 28th at the Knitting Factory.  Following the screening, break out your best moonwalk and dance like it is 1984 with a Michael Jackson themed dance party.

Acclaimed director of Flight of Conchords and Eagle vs. Shark, Waititi returns with more of that rural New Zealand charm in his most recent film, Boy.  Boy is the hero of his own dreams and an avid Michael Jackson fan.  Living with his gran, a few goats, and a younger brother (whom he believes to have magical powers), Boy imagines his father’s return as a hero– no doubt a close relation of Michael Jackson as well.  Much to his dismay, his father Alamein (played by Waititi) is little more than a bumbling crook, come home to find a bag of buried money.  Boy is delightful, a tongue-in-cheek, coming of age story.

Though Boy premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize, the film isn’t scheduled for theatrical release in the U.S. until March 2nd, but you lucky folks can get ahead of the game with Tuesday’s advanced screening.

Seating is first come first serve with the film is scheduled to begin at 8 pm at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory, located at 361 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg.  Afterwards, brush off your dancing shoes for a Michael Jackson themed dance party in the Knitting Factory bar at 10pm. Learn more here.