Kickstart An Alumni World Premiere at Slamdance

Alumni filmmaker Keith Miller’s first feature film will make its world premiere at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival! Before they can head to Utah they need to make a few finishing touches, so they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign and they need your help! The festival is just a month away. Most importantly, your support will help the film’s unlikely star get to Park City and see himself on the big screen for the first time.

Welcome To Pine Hill stars Shannon Harper, a familiar face to some of you who made it to the 2010 Summer Series. He was the inspiration and the star of Miller’s PRINCE/WILLIAM, a short film about the real life chance meeting between this first time actor and filmmaker. The team met for the first time late one night because they both laid claim to the same dog (Prince or William, depending on who you asked of course).

Building off the inspiration of their first meeting, the team has reunited to create their first feature, Welcome to Pine Hill. The film expands upon the style and theme of PRINCE/WILLIAM, blurring the lines between documentary and fiction. Loosely based on Shannon’s real life, Pine Hill tells the story of a reformed drug dealer who has just received a piece life shattering news. Lacking resources or a social network, he begins the process of  making amends with the estranged people in his life. To tell the story, Miller has compiled a collection long improvised scenes, combined with verité style interviews with real people.

There are only four days left of Miller’s Kickstarter campaign. The filming process was arduous, super-low budget, and has been in process since the summer of 2010. It looks to be an inspiring and honest film, and just a $1 of your support will help them make it to the finish.

Head to the Kickstarter page now to make your contribution! Welcome to Pine Hill makes its world premiere at Slamdance Film Festival on January 22, 2012.