What’s that sound? Rooftop’s Summer Playlist 2011

Saturday night. Summer time. Stumble down five flights of stairs. Just saw a Rooftop film. Hot night air. Ready for some free drinks. Light a cig. Tap your foot. To what? There’s a tune in your head. What’s that sound? What scene was it from? It wasn’t the band. Can’t recall. But you know you heard it… And you know you want it…

Rather than make you run back up all those stairs to ask, we’ll let you in on the mystery here. For those of you who come early to get a good seat, Dan Nuxoll, Rooftop Program Director is the one bringing all those cool summer songs that help pass the wait.

We’re sorry we couldn’t give you popsicles, but you wouldn’t be able to take them home anyway. So we’re giving you something better, something you can keep forever and enjoy on any rooftop (though you should still come to ours!) — a ROOFTOP FILMS 2011 SUMMER PLAYLIST:

1. Lykke Li, “Get Some.”

2. Metronomy, “The Look.”

3. Beastie Boys, “Say It.”

4. Cults, “Abducted.”

5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “FFunny Frends.”

6. Star Slinger, “Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework).”

7. Cults, “Bad Things.”

8. Panda Bear, “Last Night at the Jetty.”

9. Toro Y Moi, “Got Blinded.”

10. Cloud Nothings, “Turning On.”

11. Lower Dens, “A Dog’s Dick.”

12. Women, “Eyesore.”

13. Here We Go Magic, “Casual.”

14. Jose González, “Heartbeats.”

15. Kurt Vile, “Jesus Fever.”

16. Best Coast, “Boyfriend.”

17. Cults, “Oh My God.”

18. El Guincho, Bombay.”

19. Cults, “Go Outside.”

20. The Weeknd, “The Knowing.”

21. Young Montana, “Sacré Cool.”

22. The Fresh & Onlys, “Grey-Eyed Girl.”

23. The xx, “Vcr.”

24. Silver Swans, “Secrets.”

25. Cults, “Most Wanted.”

26. Sleigh Bells, “Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix).”

27. Beastie Boys, “Here’s A Little Something For Ya.”

28. Big Boi, “Shine Blockas (Ft. Gucci Mane).”

29. Deerhunter, “Revival.”

30. Cloud Nothings, “Hey Cool Kid.”

31. Still Corners, “Endless Summer.”

32. Deerhunter, “Desire Lines.”

33. Radiohead, “Little By Little.”

34. TV On The Radio, “Keep Your Heart.”

35. Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away.”

36. Girls, Carolina.”

37. Lower Dens, “Two Cocks.”

38. Toro Y Moi, “Go With You.”

39. Gold Panda, “Same Dream China.”

40. The xx, “Basic Space.”

41. Star Slinger, “May I Walk With You?”

42. Au Revoir Simone, “Through the backyards.”

43. Lower Dens, “Hospice Gates.”

44. The Weeknd, “High For This.”

45. Beach House, Norway.”

46. The Soft Moon, “9. Tiny Spiders.”

47. Lower Dens, “Holy Water.”

48. Kurt Vile, “In My Time.”

49. The War On Drugs, “Comin’ Through.”

50. Lali Puna, “Everything Is Always.”

51. Iceage, “Broken Bone.”

52. The Mint Chicks, “Walking Off A Cliff Again.”

53. Panda Bear, “Alsatian Darn.”

54. Lower Dens, “Completely Golden.”

55. Andrew Cedermark, “Hard Livin’.”

56. Kurt Vile, “Baby’s Arms.”

57. Cat’s Eyes, “Bandit.”

58. Frances, “Between Us.”

59. Banjo or Freakout, “Go Ahead.”

60. Big Boi, “03 Turns Me On (Ft. Sleepy Brown & J).”

61. Toro Y Moi, “Still Sound.”

62. The Weeknd, “What You Need.”

63. Radiohead, “Lotus Flower.”

64. The Fresh & Onlys, “Invisible Forces.”

65. Cat’s Eyes, “Not a Friend.”

66. Toro Y Moi, “How I Know.”

67. YOUTH LAGOON, “July.”

68. Telekenesis, “I Cannot Love You.”

69. Cass McCombs, County Line.”

70. Frances, “Good Fortune.”

71. Still Corners, “Don’t Fall in Love.”

72. The National, “Sorrow.”

73. Beastie Boys, “Nonstop Disco Powerpack.”

74. The Mint Chicks, “Ockham’s Razor (Album Version).”

75. Spoon, “Out Go the Lights.”

76. Braids, “Lemonade.”

77. O’Death, “Adelita.”

78. Karen Dalton, “Are you leaving for the country.”

79. Thundercat, “For Love I Come.”

80. Pete & the Pirates, “Come to the Bar.”

81. Mueran Humanos, “Corazón Doble.”