Kickstart The Devil is Due in Dreary

Rooftop is very excited about our good friend Daryl Freimark’s latest creative project, The Devil is Due in Dreary. With your help, the four book 22-page comic series will be published this fall by Ardden Entertainment. David Parkin is the writer of this rock-n-roll meets folklore series, and Daryl is the executive editor.

The comic follows the people of the reclusive town of Dreary who live in fear of a prophecy: if two outlaws pass through town,  the Devil will follow at sunrise to steal their souls.  A fantastic team of artists and writers are now hard at work. Help them make this series a reality!

Funds raised will go to the artists: Alex Sanchez (cover), Allan Jefferson (pencils), Jonas Trindade (inking) and Diego Tapie (colorist). $5,000 will complete Book #1, but anything raised beyond that will help pay for the second, third and fourth books — so keep contributing! Parkin also hopes to eventually make a movie out of the original screenplay. Freimark, producer of “Hairspray” and the indie feature “Recalled”, is expected to produce the film.  However, the project will not be funded at all if at least $5,000 is not pledged by Thursday, Jul 28th.

For just $10 you get an advance copy of the comic, for $25, you can get it signed, and for $35 your name can be in print. Higher prizes include being drawn into the fourth book as a character!

The Devil is Due in Dreary is not just a comic — its a classic western with a rockabilly twist, an exciting blend of modernity and myth. Only with your support may we have a chance to know what’s due next  in Dreary!

Kickstart The Devil Is Due in Dreary now!