Kickstart “Hide Your Smiling Faces”

Hide Your Smiling Faces is a film directed by Dan Carbone, and produced by Zach Shedd and Matt Petock, three guys I went to school with at NYU. In the four short years since we all graduated, these three have produced an impressive amount of work, including the fiction feature film A Little Closer, which premiered at this year’s Rotterdam Film Fest.

Their next project is Hide Your Smiling Faces, a fiction feature that explores the fleeting and ephemeral experiences of two young brothers growing up in the rural Northeast, following them as they confront friendship, responsibility, death and adolescence. Unfolding over a few hot summer weeks, the film acts as a portrait, exploring a transitional period in both of their individual lives as well as their relationships to those around them – most importantly to one another. Presented in a loose, vignette-based form, Hide Your Smiling Faces combines drama, mystery, and fantasy in an atmospheric exploration of what it means to grow up in rural America.

The team is raising funds for the film on Kickstarter, so help a group of bright up-and-coming filmmakers reach their goal and make what promises to be a beautiful and haunting film. You’ll be able to look back someday and tell people that you helped these guys out when they were just getting started.

Kickstart Hide Your Smiling Faces now.