Support Rooftop Alum Todd Bieber’s Film About a Turtle Derby

Rooftop alum Todd Bieber, whose wonderful series of shorts Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard was screened as part of our New York Non-Fiction show a couple of weeks ago at Open Road Rooftop, is currently trying to finance the post-production on his next project.

The film which Todd has been working on for the last couple of years, along with partner and fellow filmmaker Juliana Brafa is called Turtle Derby Documentary and follows five families in rural America as their children compete against each other and scour the countryside to find the fastest turtle. Having himself competed and won the derby as a child, Todd was compelled to go back to Pennsylvania to document the derby which has become a deeply entrenched part of the local culture. The film reveals however how the rapidly declining turtle population in the area surrounding the town could soon spell the end of the Turtle Derby. The film is set to be a charming yet powerful look at life and traditions in rural America which challenges our perception of our relationship with the world around us, exposing how wide reaching environmental issues can be.

Todd and Juliana need to reach their kickstarter goal of $12,000 by July 24th in order to finance their film and they need your help to get there! The best part about kickstarter is that by pledging money for the project you not only help finance an amazing film but you also receive benefits and rewards the more you pledge.

Pledge now and help Turtle Derby Documentary become a reality. For all the details about the project, including a great trailer, as well as all the details about what you can get in return click here!