Rooftop teams up with the Awesome Fest

This Summer with the help of our friends at The Awesome Fest, Rooftop Films is branching out from the rooftops of New York all the way to Schmidt’s Piazza in Philly! Having kicked it all off with a screening of The City Dark on Sunday, over the next few months, we’ll be working with The Awesome Fest to bring several films from our Summer Series (including Fake it so Real and Convento) to Philadelphia.

Started by Josh Goldbloom of PUFF and Philly CineFest, The Awesome Fest is looking to shake up the Philadelphia filmmaking and programing scene by screening the latest films coming off the festival circuit; creating a year round platform for an ongoing dialogue between the people of Philadelphia and it’s filmmakers and curators. This summer, as part of the Awesome Summer Series, the Awesome Fest is presenting avant-garde, cutting edge cinema as well as classic Hollywood movies (Goldbloom chose to inaugurate his summer series with a showing of everyone’s favorite kids-go-looking-for-treasure-triumph-over-adversity-and-save-their-neighborhood movie, The Goonies). The Awesome Fest will be hosting (FREE!) screenings every Sunday evening through until September at the Piazza.

The next event which we’re co-presenting with the Awesome Fest will be the Philadelphia premiere of Orbit; a series of short films about our planet which have been commissioned and curated by Cinemad and Rooftop Films. The films will be shown in Philly on Sunday June 24th,  just one day after their New York Premiere and will be presented on the night by Mike Plante of Cinemad as well as our own Mark Elijah Rosenberg.

If the film programming scene in Philadelphia has been described in the past as ‘a bunch of lone rabid dogs fighting over a rotten steak that fell out of a delivery truck en route to New York‘; we are super excited to be helping the Awesome Fest in their quest to finally bring Philadelphians, their long awaited, freshest (most awesome) cuts from New York and beyond.

See the full schedule and learn more about the Awesome Fest here.