Help Durier Ryan complete his amazing new project Five Years

Rooftop alum Durier Ryan, whose beautifully rendered, visceral portrait of life in Bed-Stuy, Monroe St. was screened last summer as part of our Brooklyn Transformations series of shorts, is currently working on his next project, Five Years, and needs your help for it to become a reality!

Durier, who has long been an active member of the independent film scene here in New York, has spent the last three years in Columbia’s Film MFA program and this film will be his graduate thesis as well as a culmination of his work and a consolidation of his vision. This short film is essentially a coming-of-age story which follows a teenager on the first day of a five year probation period; navigating his new enforced boundaries, he finds himself confronted with a dilemma which ultimately forces him to choose between his own compassion and rationale.

Five Years is an incredibly exciting project and one which is very important to Durier. With the help of  funds raised through Kickstarter Durier is hoping to be able to work together with the cast to develop the project as a whole. There are only a few weeks left to help realize this project, so pledge now and be a part of what is sure to be an emotive and insightful film.

For more information about the project as well as a short trailer visit the film’s Kickstarter page and help Durier Ryan reach his goal.