Go see it this weekend.">Go see it this weekend.">

Putty Hill Opening Weekend Extravaganza!

Get your tickets now for Matt Porterfield’s acclaimed Putty Hill, opening this weekend at Cinema Village.

Last year, Rooftop hosted the first annual Kickstarter Film Festival, an evening of film, music, and food made possible by the crowd sourced funding site Kickstarter.

One of the films we showed that night was Matt Porterfield’s Putty Hill, a beautifully realized portrait of a close-knit community on the outskirts of Baltimore. Putty Hill is the second feature from celebrated young filmmaker Matt Porterfield (“Hamilton”). The film brings us to a neighborhood karaoke bar, where friends and family have gathered to remember a young man who passed away. Knowing little about his final days, they attempt to reconstruct his life. In the process, they offer a window onto their own lives, an evocative picture of working-class America, dislocated from the progress and mobility around them, but united in pursuit of a shared dream.

Putty Hill is an inspiring example of Kickstarter success. Using the site, the filmmakers raised $20, 624, more than twice their $10,000 goal. The film premiered at the Berlin Film festival last year and has received rave reviews from all corners, including Roger Ebert, who gave the film four stars, and the New Yorker’s Richard Brody, who called the film “extraordinary,” and said “if thereʼs an independent cinema, this is it.”

So we’re thrilled to see the film’s success story continue with a theatrical run starting in New York City this very weekend. This Friday, February 18th, at Cinema Village (55 E. 12th St.) to be precise.

Tickets available here.

But, as you would expect from a young, savy filmmaker who knows how to harness the power of the internet to get a movie made, this will be no ordinary weekend. No, Matt and his cast and crew are hosting a whole opening weekend extravaganza!

Matt will be on hand opening weekend along with the crew to answer questions. They’re bringing along some friends and supporters, including Richard Brody (The New Yorker), Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation), Jem Cohen (Chain, Instrument), and Chris Keating (Yeasayer). They’ll be hosting after parties all weekend, with Putty Hill photos on display in large format, behind-the-scenes footage, and top Baltimore bands. Putty Hill‘s lead Sky Ferriera will also be on hand for opening night.

The full opening weekend schedule is as follows:

Showtimes 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 pm daily
Cinema Village, 22 East 12th St. (btwn 5th Ave and University), New York, NY 10003
Subway: R, 4, 5, 6 or L to 14th Street Union Square

Filmmaker Matt Porterfield in attendance for all Q&As.

After 5pm screening, Yance Strickler (Kickstarter)
After 7pm screening, Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) with PUTTY HILL crew. Sky Ferriera present.
After 9pm screening, Yance Ford (POV), Esther Robinson (ArtHome, Danny Williams: A Walk Into the Sea), & Ross Kauffman (Born Into Brothels) from Cinema Eye’s Heterodox Award

After 5pm screening, Jeronimo Rodriguez (NY1 News)
After 7pm screening, Richard Brody (The New Yorker)
After 9pm screening, Amos Poe (filmmaker)
Afterparty: The Beauty Bar (231 E 14th St off 3rd Ave)

After 5pm screening, Amy Dotson (IFP)
After 7pm screening, Chris Keating (Yeasayer)
After 9pm screening, Jem Cohen (filmmaker) with PUTTY HILL crew
Afterparty: Lit Lounge (93 2nd Ave off 6th St), featuring Baltimore musicians Co La, Dustin Wong, & Dope Body

Other opening weekend events TBA.

Watch the trailer:

PUTTY HILL THEATRICAL TRAILER from Matt Porterfield on Vimeo.