Etienne on DVD!

Having played numerous festivals—including a favorite Rooftop show featuring an appearance by the furry title character himself—the quirky hamster comedy (you read that correctly) Etienne! is now on DVD.

Etienne tells the story of Richard (Richard Vallejos), a young man on hiatus from college who discovers that his beloved hamster, Etienne, is slowly dying from cancer. To cope, he makes the most rational decision possible: to take a road trip with Etienne on his bike across Northern California and show him places he’s never seen. Meanwhile, there is Elodie (Megan Harvey), a free-spirited young woman who, like Richard, has taken a break from college and is trying to get over a painful breakup. She sets off on a road trip of her own, encountering a wide variety of characters, inevitably leading to Richard and Etienne.

Written and directed by Jeff Mizushima, featuring an appearance by the band Great Northern, and taking place in a wide variety of locations in California, the adventures of Richard and his hamster can now be taken home to be cared for and cherished.

Get Etienne! on DVD here.

Watch the trailer: