Strongman Opens at the IFC Center!

Get your tickets now for Strongman, playing one week only at the IFC Center!

On Saturday, May 20, 2009, a man named Stanless Steel was run over by a truck at a Rooftop Show. No, this wasn’t some horrible accident. In fact, it was something that Stan submitted to willingly. Being run over is just one of the many daring feats the professional strongman has achieved; others include bending pennies, lifting three people with one finger, and holding back two airplanes with his bare arms.

But Stan is more than “just” the strongest man in the world. He’s also the subject of  filmmaker Zachary Levy‘s funny-but-gut-wrenching documentary Strongman, which we screened at Rooftop in 2009, on the same infamous night that Stan let himself be run over by a truck.

Told with the kind of intimacy that can only be achieved with years of filming, Strongman follows the dreams and heartbreaking humanity of Stanless Steel as he struggles to gain control of a world that seems constantly out of his grasp.

Strongman is a film about strength, about weakness, about never giving up.

It opens at the IFC Center tomorrow. Get your tickets here.

After working on the film for over ten years, Zach is distributing the film himself without the larger backing that usually gets films into the premiere New York theaters— so this IFC Center theatrical release is a big achievement for independent film in the city. The film could use all the help it can from independent film lovers to spread the word. Go see it this week and tell your friends.

Watch the trailer:

Strongman IFC Center