Of Mustaches and Main Street

I am currently at the SLC airport, awaiting my flight back to Texas and the mild case of post partum melancholy that will surely accompany it. It’s been a heck of a week. I received so many kind words from so many strangers – many of them about my mustache, which is apparently impressive, but also about my film, which really seemed to work just as I’d hoped it would. It’s tough going with short films, sometimes, what with the features that (deservedly) get all the attention and the press, but the folks who came out to see it (including a few who came twice) and the attention the folks at the festival itself gave us made us feel loved through and through.

In addition to my own shorts block, I saw a total of 15 films. I only didn’t like one of them. Way to go, programmers, for adhering so closely to my own tastes!

But back to the mustache: my favorite comment was from a guy on Main Street who, as we walked past him, said in a gentle drawl “you’re doin’ all right with that mustache, friend. You’re doin’ real good.”