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How many people can claim they starred in the worst movie ever? Rooftop Alum Michael Paul Stephenson will forever be known as the screaming, whining, ten year-old who saves his family by urinating on their dinner. Today, he is the director and producer of  Best Worst Movie, a critically-acclaimed documentary inspired by his role in what has been crowned the worst movie of all time: Troll 2.

In this hilarious and heartwarming story about the strange nature of celebrity, a sunny Alabama dentist and a self-deluded Italian filmmaker struggle to come to grips with their role in the worst movie ever made. The result is a tender offbeat journey that pays homage to lovers of bad movies and the people who make them, while investigating a deeper story about the catharsis of redemption and the humanity that exists in making even the worst movie ever made.

We hear the DVD includes more than an hour of deleted scenes and interviews; fan contributions, including music videos and mash-up trailers; Filmmaker Q&A with Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and a provocative message from TROLL 2’s Goblin Queen, Deborah Reed.

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