Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund, this vital film needs your support! ">Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund, this vital film needs your support! ">

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Through the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund, we supported Heidi Brandenburg and Matthew Orzel’s documentary When Two Worlds Collide (back when the film was still untitled). They’ve come a long way since then, and now this powerful and enticing film is in production. Like Heidi and Matthew’s gorgeous doc short Sonneman, this film reflects the entire beauty of the natural world through the eyes and story of one man. In this case, the film is “A contemporary apocalyptic story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, the Amazonian Rainforest.”

The film is ambitious, gorgeous, and deeply significant. Watch the gripping trailer below, and make a donation today!

Matthew and Heidi write:

Against the backdrop of global recession and climate crisis, When Two Worlds Collide traces the heroic journey of a young indigenous leader. Forced into exile for resisting the sale and commercial exploitation of Amazonian lands, Alberto Pizango’s efforts shed new light on the ferocious battle for the world’s most precious natural resources. Falsely accused of insurrection and sedition by the Peruvian Government, he faces 20-years in prison.

After almost a year in exile, Pizango returns to Peru to face trial and discovers himself nominated for presidential candidacy. In the April 2011 elections, he will run as the first Amazonian candidate in history. This feature-length documentary follows the Amazonians in their quest against all odds to save the rainforest and campaign to elect their leader as president of Peru. This extraordinary story reveals the human side of an apocalyptic battle of conflicting visions and political wills working to shape the future of the Amazon’s ecosystem and our world.

Amazonian Runs for President To Save the Rainforest!
Historic events are unfolding as you read! After much speculation, Pizango has made public his bid to become the first Indigenous Amazonian to run for Presidency in Peruvian history after leaders of more than 1,000 indigenous communities supported his candidacy. We have been given exclusive access to film the inside story of this movement for change. We are also the only media of any kind with such an intimate relationship and the capacity to really catch history in the making.

Leading up to elections taking place next year in April 2011, it is crucial for us to film Pizango as he prepares for and faces trial; and to illuminate the big push for change. The Amazonian’s say their voices will only be heard if they enter the world of politics and work alongside government officials. In this phase of production we want to capture contrasting and diverse opinions and interpretations from the public about the Amazonian’s quest, as events unfold.

With your help, we can follow the outreach campaign to all parts of Peru, from the indigenous Andean mountain communities and the Rainforest tribes to the rural peasantry and urban Peru.

With your help, this historic and history-making film can be made.

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