POV “This Is My Family” Video Submissions

Rooftop loves home movies. Now, PBS’ acclaimed documentary series POV is running, essentially, a home movie contest — This Is My Family. Submit a video about your family and you could win an iPad or iTouch. Submit online by November 15. Details:

POV’s ‘This is My Family’ Project is Seeking Video Submissions!

For most of us, the classic family photo with matching sweaters and look-alike smiles doesn’t quite capture our family.

POV wants to hear real stories about your family from you. Who is your “family”? Maybe your family is your group of friends, or your extended family. You could be an adoptee, an adoptive parent, part of a single-parent family, be an LGBTQ parent or child or a member of a foster family.

Help POV expand the definition of “family” by submitting a video – no longer than 5 minutes – to ‘This Is My Family.’ Check out user-generated videos for ideas, or create something completely new!


And, you can also send your films and home movies to us. Rooftop is currently seeking submissions for our 2011 festival.