Kickstart David Teague’s “Our Man In Iquitos”

UPDATE 10/15/10 – There’s a new trailer for the film that looks charming, funny, unique, and gloriously beautiful. You have to check it out.

Rooftop screened David Teague’s movie Intifada NYC at the “Brooklyn Non-Fiction” Closing NIght of our 2009 festival. That powerful film documented the firestorm surrounding the opening of New York City’s first Arabic language public school, including the media manipulations and political cowardice which forced the dismissal of the school’s first principal.

David is now turning his profound sense of justice to another rebellious outsider: the Peruvian folk/rock musician, pirate radio activist and Amazonian political gadfly Ranil. His music alone was radical and creative, and his electoral run for mayor of Iquitos (the world’s largest isolated city, with over one million people but no major roads) promises to be fascinating.

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