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Do you or your company want to set up your own screening? Are you looking for a quality digital projector and sound equipment to use for your theatrical production, movie backdrop, business presentation, party, wedding, or any other event?

Rooftop Films has:

You know Rooftop Films as the place to go for underground movies outdoors. But did you know that Rooftop Films has the lowest rates in New York for quality professional digital video projector and sound system rentals? And that we provide affordable delivery and technical assistance for events anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island or Queens?

Rooftop Films has been putting on film and music screenings indoors and outdoors all over New York since 1997 and we are proud of our commitment to quality presentation. We upgrade our equipment every year and have a great selection of video and audio equipment available for rent. Give us a call (718.417.7362) and one of our professional technicians will work with you to find the best equipment and set up for your event.

All of the Audio Visual (AV) equipment we rent has been used at Rooftop Summer Series programs, and if you’ve ever been to a Rooftop screening you know that we run a good show and always use reliable, high-quality equipment. We also offer delivery, set up and technical assistance by experienced professional technicians.

The Equipment:

The most cost-effective way to rent equipment from Rooftop is to rent a discount package. All packages include any peripherals, cables and adaptors you might need, usually at no additional cost. Any package can easily be tailored to fit your needs, but you can use the ones listed here as a guide. All prices are negotiable and subject to change.

See what we have available to rent and check out our rates.

Why rent from Rooftop Films?

All proceeds go to sustain the Rooftop nonprofit organization, helping us to bring great new films to big audiences, indoors and out, all over North America.

Why are Rooftop’s rental rates so much lower than standard rental houses?

Rooftop doesn’t buy equipment just to rent it like a typical rental house, so we can charge less. We have shows all the time, so we need to own the equipment, but when we aren’t using it we don’t want it to sit idle in storage. So we rent it at reduced rates to help sustain our organization and to help like-minded artists with their events. We get a little money, you save a lot of money and more great events can happen!