Todd Rohal’s “Catechism Cataclysm” on Kickstarter

Todd Rohal is one of Rooftop’s favorite filmmakers. We’ve been showing his melancholy irreverence since the year 2000—Knuckleface Jones, Hillbilly Robot, and his debut feature, the widely-acclaimed The Guatemalan Handshake. Todd is one of the most original cinematic minds out there today, and you have now been given the opportunity to help his long-awaited next feature, The Catechism Cataclysm.

Todd would prefer not to give away too much about the film’s story or production, but can tell you that it will contain Steve Little as a priest, Robert Longstreet as a former metalhead, plus a Japanese Huckleberry Finn, a Japanese Tom Sawyer and a screaming metal soundtrack.

Read more and donate to this film on Kickstarter. As an ultra low-budget film, I assure you that every extra dollar they gather on Kickstarter will be put to good use to make the film better. Could be an extra day of shooting, could be a piece of equipment they can’t afford now, could be an effect they can add in post. Keep giving!

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