In Between the IFP Film Conference

[From the Editor]: Steve Collins has perhaps shown more films at Rooftop than any other filmmaker. He came to the first ever screening in 1997 with his 16mm print of The Plumber in hand and jumped into the open projector section at about 1am. Over the next eight years he screened eight more short films with Rooftop, culminating with the first public screening of his debut feature Gretchen, which would later be awarded best fiction film at the Los Angeles Film Festival and appear on the Sundance Channel. Steve is one of three filmmakers Rooftop placed in the IFP Project Forum as part of a service we offer to our alums. He’s here with his screenplay The Garden, a comedy in which a sarcastic employee in a yoga center has an epiphany and decides to take the company back to the earth. Steve will be blogging for us this week, offering up his deadpan insights. Here’s the first:

Walking from the end of the Ted Hope / Jeff Lipsky panel to the Opening Night party at Deluxe, this painted German Shepard seemed oddly prescient. It seemed to say to me, “you’re not a New York indie filmmaker, you’re a fat Connecticut dad.”

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Rooftop placed three alumni screenplays in the Forum and is hosting three free outdoor screenings in conjunction with Independent Film Week. Read more!