In Between the IFP Film Conference – Post #2

1st Day

12:30 am: Sagging guest air-matress makes visiting emerging narrative filmmaker appreciate his marriage, bed.

2nd Day

7:50AM : Filmmaker increases introspection due to absence of friends.

8:00AM: Man opposite filmmaker on subway gels hair like porcupine.

8:30AM: 36 year old Filmmaker returns to New York City where he once felt young and inexperienced, feels old and out of place, missed sweet spot.

4:30PM: Leaving Winter’s Bone panel, I walk into the strangely open and art supporting arms of this building for a drink with Chris Ohlson and Gregory Collins, here with their film Melvin. If only the world would treat my whereabouts with such accurate signage:


Steve Collins, Rooftop alum, is a filmmaker with a script titled The Garden at the IFP Project Forum. He’s blogging for Rooftop this week. Read more about him