Headlines from the IFP Conference

[Days 1 & 2 here.]


Panel on how to make a good film canceled for panel on magical camera.

Emerging filmmaker accidentally networks with FIT student, secures three picture deal on skinny jeans, scarf.

Above: Steve Collins in Skinny Jeans.


Sky God saves indie film world with theatrical distribution machine. Runs on dead dreams.

Emerging filmmaker buys $13 gin and tonic, feels personally betrayed by bartender.


Emerging filmmaker eschews grant money with sense of humor.

Industry buzz drowns out filmmaker screaming.


Steve Collins, Rooftop alum, is a filmmaker with a script titled The Garden at the IFP Project Forum. If you think this is funny, wait till you see his movies!

Rooftop placed three alumni screenplays in the Forum and is hosting three free outdoor screenings in conjunction with Independent Film Week. Read more!