Help Joe Callander make a movie about it."> Help Joe Callander make a movie about it.">

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When Brent Kelly was a sophomore in college, he got dumped. So he did the only thing he could: he went out, bought a bunch of beer and an $139 left-handed guitar and proceeded to pour all of his pain into a song. “A song,” as director Joe Callander describes it, “so overwhelmingly superlative, so suffuse with the ecstasy of raw human torment, he never wrote another.” A song called WINDOWPAIN.

Inspired by an actual song written by an actual heartbroken college sophomore, the film catches up with Brent ten years after the fateful writing of that song. Although Brent is mid-successful corporate career, he is still harboring the hope that WINDOWPAIN will blow up someday, and that somehow SHE will hear it.

As one of the many great rewards for donating, Brent Kelly himself will come perform a private concert for you and your loved one. And it won’t be at all weird or awkward.

Producer and Director of Photography Jason Tippet’s great short film Thompson screened as part of Rooftop’s 2009 Summer Series, and we’re excited about this next project he’s involved in.

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