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Crazy Beats Strong Every Time tells the story of an African-American twenty-something, Markees, who finds his Nigerian-immigrant stepfather passed out drunk in his building hallway one night. Motivated by shame and the restraining order his mother has placed on his stepfather, Markees and his friends drag the unconscious man into his car in order to find him a more suitable place to sleep.

But as the night dwindles on, the young men become increasingly aware of the futility of unloading the stepfather. Tensions build, forcing the situation toward a violent end. Crazy Beats Strong Every Time shows that when being “hard” is the ultimate masculine value, a decent young man—if humiliated, taunted and pushed far enough—can do the unimaginable in the name of “saving face.”

Director Moon Molson is a Rooftop Alum, and was named as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film” in for his debut film Pop Foul, which played at Rooftop in 2007. The script for this, his second project, has already won numerous awards and honors, including the Rooftop Films Short Film Grant. Now all he needs are the last critical funds to finish shooting and editing, and you can help. Prizes include pre-release DVDs, invitations to the film’s wrap party, and tickets to the film’s festival premieres.

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They’ve reached $8,000, which was the very minimum they needed to even finish shooting the film. But if they are going to be able to get things like a generator that doesn’t keep breaking, they really need to raise $10,000. Be a part of this exciting new project from an exciting new filmmaker.