Mad Scientist Filmmaker Professor Nieto Live at Rooftop!

One night only! A live experiment performed by the world’s first Mad Scientist Filmmaker! You won’t believe your eyes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed, astonished, and utterly astounded! Prepare for the most spectacular spectacle ever before seen at a Rooftop Films event! Prepare for…


Last year, you saw Strongman Stanless Steel get run over by a truck in a parking lot in Fort Greene (Video!) Earlier this year you saw Biker Fox do flips over his handlebars on a roof in the Lower East Side. But you haven’t seen anything like Professor Nieto’s outrageous live animal experimentation!

During his illustrious career as the world’s first mad scientist filmmaker, Professor Nieto has documented the education of filmmaking monkeys, taught Brazilian bugs to play soccer, and created mice that multiply like earth worms when cut in half. Though his ambitious experiments don’t always go as planned, they certainly never fail to startle, stun, and stupefy.

Now, on Thursday, July 29th,  at a once in a lifetime Rooftop Films event, the Professor will be preforming one of his infamous experiments LIVE on the Roof of Brooklyn Tech High School in Fort Greene! During the experiment, he will attempt to REANIMATE A DEAD CHICKEN! Will it work? Will he be able to do it?? Don’t you want to be there to find out???

Following the Professor’s experiment, we will screen Capucine, his fascinating look at the life of a genuine filmmaking monkey.

Trust me when I tell you this is one show you do not want to miss…

Get your tickets now, before it’s too late.