Support “Brasslands” on Kickstarter

The super cool NYC Meerkat Media Collective have put together a few smart films that we’ve screened at Rooftop, such as Brooklyn Boondogle. [Click to watch.] They have a fantastic vision, and a creative collaborative model that we at Rooftop love. So we’re thrilled to see their new project Brasslands getting real close to fully funded via Kickstarter. It looks like a winning combination of a personal competition doc and a cultural/political exploration . . . with tubas!

The Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band will be playing live at Rooftop Films’ July 9 “Kickstarter” show. Amazing!

Check out the project, watch the trailer and give them a boost:

Learn more about Kickstarter at their July 9 Rooftop event.