Announcing Animation Block Party’s Opening Night Line-up

Some call it punk rock, some call it grass roots, but labels aside, NYC based Animation Block Party is the place to see the world’s best independent, professional and student animation.

That’s why we’re pretty excited that the 2010 Animation Block Party will once again open at Rooftop Films on July 30th. And as if great animation weren’t enough to bring you out on a balmy summer night, the show will be followed by an after party with an open bar courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner and Sailor Jerry Rum.

So now that the opening night line-up has just been announced, we can barely contain ourselves. See for yourself below !

Tickets and more information here. Get ’em while they’re hot. Or before they’re all gone.

The Films:

ABP INTRO (Mike Hollingsworth | California | 1 min.)
The 2010 ABP bumper.

BOOM-HA (Matt Luckhurst | Canada-NYC | 2:54 min.)
And the beat go, Boom-HA…

HAUNTED HEART (Winona Regan | Cal Arts | 4:08 min.)
Two women escape into their own wild world.

HEARTSTRINGS (Rhiannon Evans | University of Wales Newport | 2:52 min.)
The story of two stop-motion figures made from string that fall in love; their love is represented by a red string that connects them at the heart.

HUBO (Erick Oh | UCLA | 1:51 min.)
A robot’s encounter with a not quite typical ball.

LIFELINE (Andres Salaff | Cal Arts | 6:07 min.)
A brilliant scientist travels through various dimensions and realms in search of his lost love.

OFFLINE (Tom Gasek | Massachusetts | 8:40 min.)
A small orange capacitor named ‘IZ’ that lives on the circuit-board control-panel of a microwave oven…

PERISTA (Kim Weiner | RISD | 5:37 min.)
Theodora, grandmother to the filmmaker, recounts the story of her childhood in Greece during WWII.

PINBALL 12 REANIMATED (Abbey Luck | NYC | 1 min.)
Remake of the classic Pinball Number 12 animation from Sesame Street.

RE-CRE-A-TION (Trisha Gum | California | 5:50 min.)
A girl who lives in a room at the bottom of the ocean considers stepping outside.

SWITCH TODAY PSA (Arjun Rihan | California | 1 min.)
95% of toilet paper used in US homes is made mostly of “virgin” fiber from newly cut trees.

THE ASTRONOMER’S SUN (Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope | United Kingdom | 5:50 min.)
In the dark atmosphere of his observatory, a young man tries to follow his father’s steps.

THE FALCON (Scot Hampton | San Francisco | 2:50 min.)
During the Age of Argus, Professor Weston and his companion Howell the Owl journey throughout the Focal Kingdom, searching for dinner.

THE THOMAS BEALE CIPHER (Andrew S. Allen | Seattle | 10 min.)
Professor White is on the trail of the uncrackable Thomas Beale cipher–a century old riddle hiding the location of a fortune in gold.

URS (Moritz Mayerhofer, Filmakademie Baden | Wurttemberg | 10 min.)
For many years Urs has looked after his aging mother, but now he decides to leave for the sunny top of the mountains, while his mother wants to stay.

ZOMBIE TOO (Jacob Ospa | NYC | 1 min.)
A zombie meets his match in a cute baby with fork.