Watch: The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9

What if mankind’s greatest predators were just big five-eyed blue puppy dogs looking to play? Would we still try to zap them? This adorable and energetic animated film by Jake Armstrong is a ton of fun, and also speaks to humanity’s wild daring and laughably bold ignorance.

THE TERRIBLE THING OF ALPHA-9! (Jake Armstrong | Brooklyn, NY | 5:45 min.)

Read an interview with the director, Jake Armstrong, in which he wonders if he’s a bad person, but also decides than mankind on the whole is destined to act like jerks throughout the universe.

This played as part of Rooftop’s “Dark ‘Toons” show on May 28, 2010. More films like it at “Fears and Fantasies” (6/5/10) and “Animation Block Party” (7/30/10).