Rooftop Music and Venues Pages

One of the really cool things about our new website (beautifully designed by Dirty Bandits and programmed by Festology and Jeff Sisson) is that everything is now programmed in such a stright-forward and easy-to-use way, making it much easier for us to post info and for all of you to find and read it. Two of the coolest features are our music and venues pages where you can find out all about the amazing bands and performers who will be playing before Rooftop screenings and the spectacular locations at which we will screen our films. You can click on individual pages and see pictures, read histories and bios, watch music videos, and more. So browse around a bit and take a look at what is coming your way this summer.

Some really great things to see that are already posted:
Watch music videos by Frances, North Highlands, Lesser Gonzalez, and Twin Sister.