Photography Show by Rooftop’s Sarah Palmer

A huge portion of Rooftop Films’ growing acclaim over the last decade must be credited to Sarah Palmer, our stellar photographer (and former Festival Director, current Board Member). Without Sarah’s eye-catching images of our myriad venues and events, Rooftop Films would not have garnered the widespread attention that we have. Her photos appear all over our website, and have been reprinted in magazines, newspapers, and websites the world over. These images often serve as the entry point for people to get to know Rooftop: they see her pictures and think, “That looks fantastic.”

Beyond Rooftop, Sarah is also a noted emerging art photographer. And we here at Rooftop are thrilled that she has now mounted her first solo show:

Curated by Kate Greenberg and Hilary Schaffner

Exhibition on view: March 18 – May 15, 2010

Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street

New York, NY 10009

(212) 228-1195
Gallery hours: Thursday – Friday, 1 – 7pm; Saturday, 2 – 8pm

Mixing disquiet desolate panoramas, restless corners of formerly inhabited interiors, and still life set pieces of repurposed detritus, the show as a whole has a lyrical beauty and a tight intellectual rigor. Words and symbols tie the images together: an antiquated book cover with a seashell cut into it rhymes with a fading Polaroid picturing a landscape of lava, coupled with a collection of pages cut in the shape of shells; a torn infinity sign and an arrow on a crumpled cardboard box bookend a lonely airplane moving pointedly through an ominous orange ocean of clouds; eggs appear in writing and at random, begetting bird tattoos which recall dead bird drawings. The references circle and loop, offering the eye and the mind plenty to play with, while the echoes of the images resonate with an aching tenderness.

Sarah Palmer’s thoughtful and striking art leaves us with a code to be cracked: how a photograph portrays yearning, buried images revealing truths hidden deep amidst you.