Rooftop’s New Website

If you are reading this, you probably thinking…something is different here. And you are right! Welcome to the new Rooftop Films website. We are really excited about it and we think it is a big improvement over the old one. We like the new look and we think it is much more user-friendly and clear than the old one, and for that we would like to thank Annica Lydenberg and Dirty Bandits and Jeff Sisson for getting it together under some really tight deadlines. Thanks guys!

Perhaps most importantly, the website is a lot easier for us to use, so you will be seeing much more regular updates from us in the coming year, so we hope you will keep coming back to see updates about what we are up to and information that is relevant to indie film, music, and all the wonderful communities and partners that we have the good fortune of working with.

A very, very, special thanks goes out to who donated their time helping us rethink the whole website and came up with a system that will make our lives a whole lot easier. We never could have done it without their help and we know that their contribution will go a long way towards helping us communicate with our audience in New York and all over the world.

Of course, the website is a baby, so it isn’t quite perfect yet. There are a couple of little bugs that will be worked out in the next couple of weeks, so please be patient for the next few days and after that let us know if anything isn’t working quite right.

In the meantime, check out the films that we have already announced and keep coming back for updates!