Chop Off.jpgAt Rooftop Films, we like to say we don’t screen in theaters, we screen in communities. We match films and venues to create unique screenings and memorable experiences. 

This Saturday, May 23, on the roof of new venue Brooklyn Tech High School (Ft. Greene), at our “Dangerous Docs” show, we’ll be screening Chop Off, a new film by underground film legend MM Serra. Serra has run the Filmmakers Co-Op for decades, keeping a hold of one of the world most important archives of avant garde cinema. 
Chop Off, her latest film, which played at Sundance earlier this year, is about an amputation performance artist. Earlier this week, our main man at Brooklyn Tech, he accidentally cut off one of his fingers. 
What other film festival would bring you a pairing like that? 
(Though just wait till you catch the live stunt at the Strongman screening!)