I should have mentioned this in January when they were in New York, but since I didn’t (and the IndieWire article reminded me), I guess I will plug it now. Every year Mike Judge (of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space and Idiocracy fame) and Don Hetzfeldt (whose film Everything Will Be OK was awarded best short by Mark and the other Sundance jurors this year) tour around the country with a collection of really amazing and eclectic short animation from all over the world. The programs are really as good as it gets and this year’s batch includes some of my personal favorite animation from the last few years, including Shane Acker’s 9 (which we showed in 2005 and which was nominated for an academy award), Bill Plympton’s Guide Dog (incredibly funny–we showed it at Dark Toons in 2006), as well as some other great films we haven’t shown but which I love to death–Pes’ Game Over, Run Wrake’s Rabbit and Gaelle Denis’ City Paradise. They will be screening all over the country over the next few months, so read about the films here and check out their schedule here and if they come your way make sure you go see it.