Every day deserves its own demon, and Stefan G. Bucher has spawned a world full of them, which other net-trawlers have been happily embellishing and giving greater life to.
Every day for 100 days, Bucher made a little ink splot on a piece of paper, then sketched a funny monster out of it, filming the development as it went. I’ve been checking on the monsters for months now, so it’s a bit pathetic on my part that I’m only cluing you, dear reader, in on it now, but it’s still a delight to watch each monster evolve and see the whole process diversify. Although Bucher’s not drawing them daily any more, people can now download ink splots and make new creatures, post pics of their demons, and write stories for the little troublemakers. Witness the beginning of the Daily Monsters, but also peep the latter-day tangential trolls and tales.