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Episode 2
Wed., 12/31/08, 9pm
The New Face of America

The new year is bringing a grand political change. Start it off with Rooftop's episode about some of the issues our country is facing.

Left in Baghdad (Peter Jordan & John Kane | Palo Alto, CA | 12:00)
The current quagmire in Iraq leaves fresher memories and scars, as seen in this sobering and subtle portrait of a family man on the first day of the rest of his life, which he must now live without his left arm.

Sparrow '08 [Episode 4] (Rumur Inc. | Brooklyn | 7:00)
The continuing adventures of Sparrow's run away from the presidency.

City (Topaz Adizes | Brooklyn, NY | 8:00)
This thought-provoking narrative short is part of “The Americana Project,” a collaborative film that explores the various shades of the American identity from a global perspective. This prototypically New York interaction—between a foreign cabdriver and a harried American—follows some unexpected lines of discussion.

Episode 1
Wed., 12/24/08, 9pm
The Weirdo Next Door
As a fat old elf slides down your chimney to play with your children, check out Rooftop TV's version of strange neighbors. Films:

Neighbors (The DB | Brooklyn, NY | 5:00)
Before you “just browse” the neighbor’s newspaper, you might want to look over your shoulder.

Little Farm (Calvin Reeder | Seattle | 8:00)
A bickering trailer trash family moves to a farm looking for a fresh start. Things indeed change.

Sparrow '08 [Episode 3] (Rumur Inc. | Brooklyn | 7:00)
Sparrow is a poet who has run for President the last 4 election cycles. A cross between Lenny Bruce and Stephen Wright, Sparrow doesn’t really want you to vote for him but he likes having a reason to speak on your behalf. (PS - he didn't win.) Rumur Inc. and Rooftop Films produced a six-episode documentary available on

Bobby Bird: The Devil in Denim (Carson D. Mell | Pasadena| 7:00)
Aging rock musician Bobby Bird explains the origins of his many tattoos, with the aid of animated flashbacks.